Unique Formula for Health, Happiness, and Success!

Hello Beautiful,

I have been a collector of quotes since Jr. High School.  Writing down and stashing away all the quotes I’ve run across in books, movies, talks and more.  I love how some people have the amazing ability to say SO much in only a couple of words, phrases or sentences.

I tend to talk, and philosophize, and expand, and explain, and reiterate the point I’m trying to get across.  I have a REALLY hard time when someone asks me, ‘In 3 words or less, describe (blank)!’ I freak out and can’t seem to do it because I want everyone to REALLY understand what I’m trying to say (or maybe I’m trying to figure that out myself  and I just tend to think better out loud)!  Either way…I’m inspired by those short, sweet, and powerful messages that speak volumes to my soul.


“Do what you feel in your heart to be right~ for you’ll be criticized anyway.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

At the end, and sometimes the beginning, of yoga class I read one of those quotes.  This quote is what I used all last week and it really seemed to strike me deep down to the core and helped me come to a sort of  ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment for myself.  As a seeker of truth, I’ve been searching for the reason I was ‘fat’ all my life.  (You can read that blog post here) When I came across this quote it dawned on me…

‘There is no ONE hard and fast formula for health, happiness, or success…it’s all as unique as we are!’

Duh!  It seems SO simple yet with us living in the middle of the technology and information age we can search ‘How to lose weight’ and in seconds have millions of books, videos, scientific proof that can help us achieve our goal.  When you start to look through them you’ll find most of the information contradicts one another.

One search will tell you to eat less carbs, one will say fat-free, one will tell you you need to workout high intensity and another will tell you to slow it down.  All of these theories have great proof backing up why it works and why the others don’t.  This can all be SUPER confusing and leave you wondering what really is the best or right way to lose weight.

We are all made of the same basic material.  Cells, tissues, organs, bones, however, we’re all so unique in our wants, goals, and desires.  Taking a little bit of time to do your due diligence and research some of the positive ways you can change, then stepping back, closing your eyes and connecting to that Higher-Self within you to ask…

“What’s true for me?”

Then living from that truth because no matter what choice you make, there will be someone, somewhere, that has scientific evidence, or opinion, or their own personal truth that differs from yours. Your pathway to happiness, health, and success will differ greatly from mine.  Mainly because you’re definition of happiness, health, and success are probably different than mine.

So lets all live in our truth, and stop judging others for living in theirs.  Recognize and allow differences of thought, it’s part of what makes this life so interesting!

May you find your own true formula for heath, happiness, and success!


Jennie Carlson

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I’m shrinking and it’s Scary!

Hello Goregousness!

The last two and a half months I’ve been going through some serious self-discoveries.  I’ve been coming more into myself and what/who I am and how I offer it to this gigantic universe.  I’ve made some BIG changes, let go of a lot of old patterns and beliefs, and allowed new ones to form.

I’m still in the baby phase of this new me, but I’m feeling utterly AMAZING inside and out!  In my book 3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today!  I talk about how change3 Secrets Cover come from the inside out…our outer body is a direct reflection of what we are inside.  That’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

I’ve struggled with my weight since High School (shocker right?!?)!  I was the fat girl on the drill team at 155 pounds!  I just accepted that I was ‘big boned’ or ‘full of muscle’ because we all know that muscle weighs more than fat (lol)!  I took pride in the fact that I had power and strength that those lil stick skinny drill team friends didn’t have because they were too tiny.

Lies!  I lied to myself to help soften the blow that I was overweight. I allowed myself to believe the lies, and I used those false statements the rest of my life.  Guess what I manifested?  More of me being the ‘big boned/muscle bound’ girl.  Always bigger than everyone else.

When I joined the yoga community and saw all those waif like instructors I judged and assumed it was because they didn’t eat ‘real’ food like meat and cheese.  Or that they didn’t really eat at all, just juiced and snacked on veggie sticks!

I lied! Again!  I believed those lies and added the new lies to the old ones.

I got certified to be a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, yoga instructor along with other various fitness certifications.  I became obsessed with health education hopping I’d find the magic cure, or justification, to why I was the overweight yoga instructor.  After all, I was working JUST as hard as those other instructors, so why was I still bigger than everyone?

I was sure that if I armed myself with knowledge that I’d magically become smaller!  I learned all the ‘rules’ about calories in and calories out, how to eat less than you need, the foods that burn the most fat, when to eat carbs and what carbs to eat, how many servings of protein and veggies to eat, when to best workout, when to sleep and rest, when to kick up the workouts intensity, etc. etc. etc.

I knew it ALL!  Still…I was fat (according to the Body Mass Index chart) but I could run a mile in the ‘healthy’ amount of time, I could reach my palms past my feet in the sit and reach test, my sit-ups, push-ups, and heart rate were all on the tip top of the charts for my age. I passed all the fitness tests with flying colors!

WHY AM I STILL FAT?!?  I couldn’t understand!

I’ve imparted a lot of yoga and life wisdom I’ve learned through all of this struggle I’ve been on.  I share it as I learn it, however, I haven’t come out and shared that I too struggle.  I seem to be confident in my body (I am in my bodies abilities) but I was self-conscious underneath it all and still struggling.  Hoping again that by sharing my knowledge that I’d learn the magic answer to why I couldn’t drop the fat.

My book was born as a divine download to my desperate pleas.  I loved it and believed it…but I didn’t live it.  I was still in my head, judging myself for everything I ate as good or bad and labeling myself as good or bad because of what I did.

This last lil while I’ve gotten out of my head and into my heart and I’ve been astonished by how the weight has just disappeared!  I went  shopping for real clothes (meaning not yoga pants lol) and I was blown away when the size 10 pants I was trying on were too big!

I’ve been size 12 my whole adult life.  Size 10 was my ‘fat girl on the drill team’ size and now I’m in a size 8?  What the huh?!?  It scared me to death to look at that size and I found myself saying things outloud like “I’m not that small!  I can’t fit into something like that!  This is terrifying!”

Lies!  Why should I be scared of being smaller?  I really had to ask myself, honestly, ‘Why am I scared?’  As I change my inner self, my outer self naturally changes with it.  I’ve attached myself, the ‘who am I’ to what I look like.  I”m the ‘big tough chick’ that can hang with the guys because I’m ‘sturdy, strong, and stable’!  Those were all nice ways of  saying ‘I’m fat’ and hiding behind the fact I was unhappy.

Shrinking can be scary because with those pounds we are also shedding our own false, past beliefs of ourselves.  It’s all good though.  Take a moment and be with those feelings.  Acknowledge them and then look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re worth it.before&after

Here is a before and after of me in the same poses.  Top is August 2013 Bottom is March 2014 raw and unedited!

You are worthy of self-love! Yes you are!  Stop lying to yourself!  Admit to the lies and change them to truth!

You are beautiful!

You are strong!

You are love!


Jennie Carlson

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You WILL Get there, wherever ‘There’ is!

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

I ran across this beautiful quote today:


I read it to my classes and clients and loved the parallel it holds for both yoga and life.


We all have goals poses in our practice.  We want to be flat in our splits, touch our foot to our head in king pigeon, or maybe even just be able to touch the floor in forward fold.  Goals are GREAT to have, however we are slave drivers and harsh critics of self and we tend to push, grind our teeth, furrow our brow, lean in and want to tackle that goal like a defensive linebacker.

If we take this advice…relax, breathe, and be patient…we’ll find that the goal pose will find us sooner.  As we move with breath our mind moves out of ‘flight or fight’ (aka the stress response) and instead tells the body, ‘It’s ok, you’re fine!’  You’ll find that you melt into the pose with ease and grace and it will feel more like a natural expression of your body than if you had forced, grunted, and manipulated yourself into the pose.


I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out how this ties in but let me sum it up for you…when you set a goal in your mind, and it’s something you REALLY want, breathe into it, believe it, then relax and be patient.  When you’re tense, stressed, and head bent on ‘come hell or high water’ attitude, achieving the goal will leave you depleted.  If you ALLOW it to become a natural expression of who you are you’ll feel energized and alive and ready for another goal.

So relax babe…good things are coming to you…just be patient and keep believing you’re worth it because you are!

The Light in me sees and honors the light in you.  When you are in that place in you, and I’m in that place in me, we are one!

Jennie Carlson

Quick Yoga Workout!

Hello Beautiful,

Yoga is a great full body workout.  You’re lifting your body weight for weight training.  You’re balancing.  You can even get cardio in if you work with a flow.

Here is a quick yoga workout to try out when you want some strength and cardio.  Do it once, twice, or ten times.  You get out of a workout what you put in to it!

What you need:  Yoga mat, slippery surface, and rags, socks, or sliding discs.

Here it is broken down:

  • Come to standing mountain pose and set your intention.
  • Inhale lift arms up
  • Exhale forward fold
  • Inhald half lift
  • Exhale slide back to plank and hold for a breath or two
  • Exhale pully belly back into the spine and slide feet back to forward fold
  • Inhale slide back to plank Repeat 3x
  • Exhale bring left knee up toward left elbow (extra credit for doing a push up at the same time)
  • Inhale slide back to plank
  • Exhale bring right knee up toward right elbow (extra credit pushup)
  • Repeat 2x each leg
  • Exhale up to down dog and breathe.
  • Exhale slide left leg between hands, rotate back foot to 45 degree angle
  • Inhale lift up to Warrior II pressing evenly between both feet. Hold for exhale.
  • Inhale extend left hand to floor in Extended Side Angle.  Stay there and breathe or straighten left leg to Triangle.
  • Exhale plant right hand on floor, slide foot back to plank and lower down.
  • Inhale up to Cobra or Up Dog.
  • Exhale lift back to Down Dog. Repeat on Other Side.
  • Right leg lunge to Warrior II
  • Side Angel to Triangle
  • Plank to Cobra or Up Dog
  • Down Dog to Forward Fold
  • Half Lift to Mountain
  • Salutation Seal with hands at Heart!
  • Namaste!

Tips to keep from face planting:  Squeeze everything in to the mid-line. Squeeze the belly into the spine, the biceps in toward the ears, and the inner thighs up and in.  Squeeze and breathe.

As always, please listen to your body and know your limits.  If any pose causes pain slowly come out and rest.  Try this fast, one pose with one breath, for cardio, or try it slow, multiple breaths in each pose for strength.  Both are challenging in different ways.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below with how it worked out for you!


Jennie Carlson

Homemade Mayo

Hello Beautiful,

Eating clean can be tough sometimes.  Especially when you want some of your favorite go-to meals but don’t know how to clean them up without buying fancy and expensive alternatives.  Fortunately the internet is FULL of options.  Trouble is, some of those options turn out to be less than tasty.

Mayo is delicious, creamy, and a good neutral base for many salads and sandwiches.  However the store brand is full of hydrogenated fats and preservatives (aka no beuno for your body).  I’ve tried MANY mayo recipes out there.  They all have some of the same basic ingredients but for some reason most of them came out unappetizing.

This recipe is by far my FAVORITE!  I used the recipe ‘Mayonnaise in the Jar’ from 500 Paleo Recipes book.  Click the link to check it out.  I have changed it up a bit so below is my take on this creamy goodness!


Homemade Mayo

2 Egg Yolks
1 TBS Lemon Juice
1 TBS Wine Vinegar (or you can use another TBS of lemon juice)
1 Tsp Dry Mustard
2 Dashes Hot Sauce (I use Tabasco, but Siracha is also good if you’re not sharing with the kiddos)
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 C Olive Oil (Extra Light makes for a lighter flavor)

Place everything but the mayo in a blender  and blend for a few seconds to mix ingredients.  Once mixed, keep the blender going, slowly (I mean SLOWLY) pour the olive oil in the blender until you have mayo!

Couple notes here:  If you have one of those fancy blenders that heats up and makes soup, you need to borrow one that doesn’t heat up or the eggs will cook and the mayo won’t work!  This can also get really messy really fast so have the lid of the blender on and the top cracked just enough to let the olive oil drizzle in.  I usually hold a paper towel over the lid to catch any flying goo.

Tip:  Put your olive oil in a pour spout  so that you can have an even pour (I mean drizzle…literally like the size of a pencil lead).  It also allows for a smaller crack in the blender lid equaling smaller mess!

Once it’s done grab a spatula and scoop it into an air tight container.  I dare you to not lick the blades and spatula when you’re done! Mmmm!  I remove myself from any and all damage to your tongue done by blender blades.  Please be safe!


Jennie Carlson