I’ve gotta Blog!

Hey there Beautiful You!

As I’ve been growing my business I’ve been told by many people that I ‘NEED a blog’!  So…here it is!  I’m very novice at computer ‘stuff’ so I’ve been putting this off for a VERY long time thinking I could get by without one.  I’m learning, and teaching my students, that change is good and helps you grow and learn.  Something I’ve obviously not been doing myself.  So…to ‘walk the talk’, here I am learning something very foreign and terrifying for me. I’ve been letting the fear of failure hold me back from even beginning to try.  I look at other peoples blogs and see how clever and cute they are and think to myself  ‘I could never do that’ and so I don’t even try.  This is me blowing a raspberry in the face of that fear and stepping into a new frontier. ( he he, that rhymed!)

I only ask of you, my readers (whomever you may be) that you give me the same patience you’d give a little child learning to walk or feed themselves.  Essentially isn’t that what we ALL are in one way or the other?  Learning to live every single day!  So join me on my journey and watch me grown and please help give me a boost here or there by posting comments/feedback/advice etc (loving kindness is always the best way)!

Looking forward to growing with you,



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