Work it Wednesday: Sun Salutation Style!

Welcome back to my Work it Wednesday:  Sun Salutation Style!

This week we’ll be doing…Yoga!  YAY!  I LOVE yoga for soo many reasons, stress relief, relaxation, flexibility, strength, feeling of well-being and peace, just to name a few!  There are a couple different Sun Salutation flows out there.  This is one the one I teach in my classes.  Sun Salutation is a ‘Salute to the Sun’, meaning you honor the life force of the sun, what it gives us (light, heat, energy, growth) and we build that energy inside as we go through this flow (ie you will break a sweat)!

Yoga is a PRACTICE (just like meditation) so you gotta work on it.  Yoga is not just for the flexible and bendy people out there…it’s for everyone!  If you believe you’re not flexible or bendy then you need yoga more than those Gumbie Gurus!  Flexibility will increase joint motion and decrease risk of injury if you fall or get hurt.  NFL players are starting to incorporate it into their training (300 lb linebacker is not someone you’d classify as flexible and bendy right?) and they notice then when they’re tackled they have better bounce back time, higher resilience to injuries and sprains because the muscles were trained to bend and be pliable!

Now my only rule when doing yoga (any workout really, cause I blend yoga philosophy through all my trainings) is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Check the ego at the door and tell yourself you don’t hafta be perfect, whether it’s your first time doing a Sun Salutation for your umpteenth time.  Today is a new day, let your body dictate to you how far it needs to go in a pose and how long it wants to hold it.  This mindset will also help with decreasing chances of injury.  Any time you start to feel harm being done to your body, and there’s a fine line between ‘man this is working’ and ‘ow this really hurts’, gently come out of the pose and rest in any pose that feels comfy to you.

I’ll have pics of the Sun Salutation with and without modifications.  Using the modifications doesn’t mean you’re less of a ‘yogi’ or person.  It just means your body has different needs than others (and lets face it…who doesn’t?) so leave the judgments out of it!

Start Standing at the top of you mat (or towel or space on your carpet/rug) You can do yoga anywhere without any equipment!  Your breath and body are all you need!

Inhale:  Reach up to the sky.

Exhale: Bend at hips and Swan Dive down toward the ground.

Forward Fold:  It’s ok if the knees bend!

Take Right foot back into a high lunge.

(you can drop the back knee anytime)

Keep your hands on the earth or bring them to your knees,

To you heart,

or to the Heavens in Crescent Lung!

Exhale:  Bring your hands back down and lift your left foot up off the earth  (activate your core) and take it back to meet with the right foot in…

Top of push upPlank or top of your push up

or kneeling plank.

Slowly (everyone has a different definition of what slow is, so don’t judge) lower yourself to the earth.  Squeezing the arms into the body and the core pulled up tight!

 Inhale:  Lift your heart away from the earth up to the heavens in Baby Cobra.

Slowly keep lifting (shoulders down away from the ears) into Cobra.

(Optional) Press all 10 toes into the earth to lift the legs up into

Up Dog.

Exhale:  Lift you hips and bring you chest toward you thighs into Down Dog (you can always come to your knees first then lift up)  Keep the belly lifted, head and neck loose, and arms squeezing in towards your ears.

Now you get to reverse!

Inhale:  Bring the RIGHT leg up into your lunge option (hands on ground, knees, heart, or heavens).

Exhale:  Forward Fold (remember you CAN bend your knees).

Inhale:  Reverse Swan Dive up to Standing Position.

That, my friends, is 1 complete Sun Salutation!

Start out with just doing 1 a day and see how you feel at the end of the week!  Feel free to leave your comments/questions/heartfelt concerns below!



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