Meditation Monday: False Expectations Appearing Real!

Hello Beautiful You!

Welcome back to Meditation Monday!  Last week we talked about feeling our fear and taking a step toward our goal regardless (refresher here).  This week I want to dive deeper into fear!  What is fear and what does it mean to you?

F.E.A.R = False Expectations Appearing Real!  Sometimes we’re afraid of something and we really have no reason to be.  More often than not we’re afraid of something that may, or may not, even happen (future trippin’) or something from the past that’s over with!  So I outlined a couple of steps you can take to help dig through that fear.

1. Stop

2. Step Back (get away from the situation figuritively or literally)

3. Breathe

4. Ask:  What expectations do I have and are they realistic?

5. What if anything can I do about it?

6. If you can…go do it!  If you can’t…Let It Go!



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