Work-It Wednesday: Compound Calorie Crusher!

Welcome Back Beautiful you!

Compound Calorie Crusher is a set of 4 compound exercises.  Compound exercises consist of using multiple muscle groups in one move for maximum calorie burn!  Compound exercises are great if you’re trying to shed pounds and dont’ have a ton of time to spend in the gym!  When you combine exercises from upper body and lower body you also get an extra cardio work out because the blood has to flow to both upper and lower bodies at the same time (extra calorie burning bonus)!  However, if you’re trying to bulk up, compound exercises might not be the way to go since you have a hard time fatiguing one muscle group all on its own!

The only tools you need for this work-it is a set of dumbbells.  Pick a weight that’s challenging but not too hard.  You should be able to get 20-30 repetitions with each exercise and the last 2-3 reps should be pretty hard to finish!

Check out my video for more info!  Keep scrolling down for still pics and definitions of each exercise!

First make sure to warm up for 3-5 min doing easy cardio to get the blood pumping.  Jacks, marching, easing job, jump rope, or dance.

Squat and Press

Standing, legs hip width apart, exhaling; sit down like you would toward a chair keeping the weight in the heels elbows out at about shoulder height.  Inhale press through the heels to stand up and while pressing the arms up palms facing forward.  Repeat 20-30x

Standing Side Leg Life/Bicep Curl

Standing with legs hip width begin pressing all the weight in you right leg, palms facing away from you, as you exhale lift the left leg up keeping the knee and toes pointing to the front of the room and curl the dumbbells up toward your shoulders.   Inhale and release slowly back to the ground.  You foot can touch each time or float it above the earth.  Repeat 10-15x on each side!

Lunge/Triceps Kick Back

Take the Right leg out into a deep lunge and sit into it. Pulling the belly button back toward the spine and leaning out over the knee, hold the dumbbells, palms facing in, inhaling; pull the elbows up and back toward the ceiling, squeezing the the shoulder blades together tight.  Exhale and kick the arms back to a straight line.  Repeat 10-15x on each side.


Standing feet hip width apart, pull the belly button up and back toward the spine, exhale and hinge at the hips till your torso comes parallel to the earth. Inhale and spread your wings and fly keeping the arms as straight as you can and taking them up to about shoulder height. Exhale release the arms back down, inhale and stand up keeping that belly button engaged to support the low back!

Repeat 20-30x

Take your favorite cardio move and time yourself for 2 minutes and go ALL OUT! Repeat the circuit 3-5 times!

Comment below how ya felt, any questions or heartfelt concerns you may have!

Here’s a printable version


Please share with family and friends!


Jennie Carlson

A special thanks goes out to my photographer and camera(wo)man my 9-year-old daughter Dylan!  Love you Lots!

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