Nutrition: It’s ALL about LOVE!

Hello Beautiful you!

I didn’t get a video done for this segment (I do apologize) but I still wanted to wrap up the last two segments about feelings in this post!

This whole post can be wrapped up in the title…It’s all about Love!

This is what I mean…When you’ve been writing down your feelings every time you eat, how many of those feelings were listed as ‘love, peace, happiness, joy, or contentment’? I bet not many of them. We abuse our bodies for feeling negative feelings. We abuse them by shoving down those feelings with food and it’s usually unhealthy! Anyone see the logic in that?!? Lol! It’s crazy, but we all do it (so stop feeling like you’re the only screw-up and keep reading to see how to change).

If you really loved yourself; you would take care of yourself. You would feed your body healthy food that it really craves, you would move it and stretch it, and you would give it ample rest. Now we all KNOW we SHOULD be doing those things and when we don’t get start to feel guilty about it (and shove more unhealthy food down our gullet cause ‘I’ve already screwed up’) and end up not doing anything to recitfy that guilt.

Since we all KNOW we SHOULD do this stuff, but we don’t, what’s the answer? How do we change it?Your homework this week is to step back and ask yourself every time you eat: Does this food show my body my love for it? If not, ask yourself what you could do/eat differently. It’s that simple!

Notice that when you start to treat yourself like a beautiful, deserving women (that you ARE regardless of how you feel now) you will start to eat differently, walk differently, and talk differently. And that is the real secret to being healthy, not some fad diet that helps you lose lots of water weight really fast so you notice results.

Don’t feel that love for yourself? That’s OK, we’ll get your there, for now just fake it til you make it! Smile and be cheesy and over the top and all that good stuff! Feel silly for a while (feeling depressed and anxious hasn’t been doing anything for ya) so why not try something new?

You are beautiful! Start treating yourself that way!

Please comment your reactions below. Of course I’m here to answer questions as well. I’m here for you!


Jennie Carlson


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