Work-it Wednesday: Total Body Buster!

Hello Beautiful You!

Today you get 3 moves (don’t worry it’s full body still) so you can do this workout in a jiffy or repeat it a couple of times to get a super workout!  Please warm your body up before you workout.  Check out the video for instruction and see below for pics and descriptions of the moves!

Jack Lunges:  Where Jumping Jack meets the Lunge!

You’re arms are going to be doing the ‘Jacking’ Up and down while the legs lunge (jumping from a lunge with the right leg forward and scissoring the legs to switch you left leg forward) Do 5-10 times with right leg forward then switch it up…left leg forward and do 5-10 more (gotta keep it even)  Inhale when the arms clap overhead and exhale as you try to clap them under your leg.

Walking Plank: I’m not talking pirate here!  Get yourself in a push up position and take your right arm as far to the right as it will go.  Tap that right hand with the left and come back to center.  Take your left arm as far left as it will go and tap it with the right and return back to center.  That’s one rep!  Do this 4-9 more times for a total of 5-10!  Please Breathe while doing this…and keep the core engages so the hips don’t dip!

Inchworm:  Find yourself sitting on the ground in a ‘V-Sit’.  Make a ‘V’ from your knees to hips to shoulders keeping the abs pulled in tight.  Inhale and  lift the feet off the ground and come to a ‘Hollowman’ pose.  Exhale and pull the knees to the chest.  Repeat 15-30 times.

Do 2-3 minutes of your favorite cardio and you can check off a quickie (work-it wink wink) off your list for the day.  Have some more time?  Repeat 3-5 times and watch your fat cry!


Here’s a pocket guide



Jennie Carlson

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