Forgive me!

Hello Beautiful!

I have been slacking in a major way!  I could blame it on the last week of summer home with the girls, life and how it just seems to get in the way, or I could own up to it and apologize and move on!  I chose the latter (mixed with a lil of the former 🙂

I had this AWESOME meditation that I recorded over the weekend while at my first Earthwell Festival, but it is STILL trying to upload to YouTube (It’s been trying since 10am this morning).  It was titled ‘Meditation Made Easy’ and talked about letting go of the need for perfection.  Couldn’t we use that mindset in ALL areas of our life?

A lot of people ‘think’ they need the right room, clothes, cushion, mountain top, etc. to meditate properly.  I’m here to tell you that you can meditate anytime and anywhere!  EVEN with your eyes open!  It’s true!  You don’t hafta close you’re eyes and ‘Om’ the whole time, or listen to ringing bells or running water or birds singing!  You can meditate while listening to your kids screaming at each other, horns honking behind you, and office clatter in the background.

Stop!  Right NOW!  Look around (go ahead, I won’t tell)!  Slowly now!  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you feel?  Are you breathing?  Pause. Relax.  Breathe.  THAT is meditation!  Just noticing and being aware of what’s around you and what’s going on inside of you!  You didn’t even have to change clothes or climb to a mountain top!

How did it feel?  Strange, different, nice, weird?  All those answers are ‘Okay’!  Let yourself off the ‘gotta be perfect’ band wagon and hop on the ‘I’m just gonna live’ band wagon.  Not only are the passengers WAY more interesting to be around, but it’s a ride that is smooth sailing!

Okay…I think it’s a lil late for me to be doing this anymore!

Love and Light,

Jennie Carlson

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