Rule of Food!

Hey Beautiful!

I’m gonna skip the apologies for being slightly absent, especially with this category and move forward anyway.  Which brings us right into our topic this week.  NO ONE IS PERFECT 100% of the time.  This is true in EVERY aspect of our lives.  So why is it that when we cheat on our diet that we think we’re going straight to hell in that bread basket?

No one is 100% with their diet (no one that I know anyway) and so give yourself a lil slack!  There is a rule of thumb I live by personally and helps me feel ok (justified if ya wanna label it that way) when I sneak in some chocolate cake or deep-fried shrimp.  The rule is simple:  80/20.  This rule pops up all over the place at work, school and church but usually in the negative context like 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

My 80/20 rule goes like this:  be 100% with eating right 80% of the time, the other 20% of time you can be 70%-80%.  The way I work it depends on the kind of week I’m having, so let me give you two examples.

Ex. 1.  I’m flying high, life is working great for me, the kids are regular just kids, spouse and I seem to be on the same page, the house manages to stay some what assembled, and work seems effortless.  On a week like this I’m good to be 100% Mon-Fri then let myself have fun on the weekend.  Look back at the percentages though, I don’t totally go on the ‘see food’ diet and eat everything in sight.  I still eat my whole foods and allow myself a treat or two here and there, add-on some stuff I usually leave off, or an extra helping.

Ex. 2.  Life sucks, nothing works right, the kids are more like pirates, spouse and I can’t seem to get our crap together, the house looks more like a natural disaster, and work is drudgery.  On a week like this I KNOW I can’t make it till the weekend so I make a deal with myself (instead of the devil) and say ‘Listen, I won’t start drinking at noon (strangle my kids, light a bomb in my office, insert your inappropriate mental image) if I can have something yummy after dinner to wind down.’  So I’m 100% all day then allow myself to have a lil late night snack a couple of times that week (NOT every night) and that saves me from feeling like a deprived freak.

This 80/20 rule is something you’ll hafta play with to see what fits your personality, schedule and lifestyle best!  Let me know what kind of deal you make with yourself and how it goes!


Jennie Carlson

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