Sometimes ya gotta rest!

Hello Beautifuls!

I’m writing this today from my sick-bed, bleh!  For the past two days I’ve been holed up in my house being sick and snuggling my sick girls, double bleh!  I’ve kinda been a lil hard on myself for it too until I had a lil pep talk from my Dear Hubby. You see I had signed up for a yoga challenge, over a month ago, where they sent you videos daily and you track your progress daily that started three days ago.  I was really excited for this because I’ve been wanting to take my personal practice to the next level.  Although I practice some aspect of yoga everyday, not all yoga involves asana’s (physical poses), I wanted to deepen my devotion and delve into what a more consistent yoga practice would mean for me.

Midday today I had a mini-melt down.  Feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I haven’t been able to get to yet, like the dishes, folding and putting away laundry, and my yoga sessions.  Ok, so I wasn’t REALLY upset about not getting to the dishes and laundry but I was being so hard on myself for not starting my yoga the way I wanted.  Granted, I was still doing some breathing techniques, meditation, and really easy stretches, but I couldn’t keep up with the videos that the challenge posted for me mostly because I couldn’t breathe out of one nostril and the other was like a leaky faucet.  Did you catch the key phrase in my upset?  I couldn’t get started ‘the way I wanted’!  Yeah, there I go setting up high expectations for myself for doing some serious sweat sessions and mind-blowing meditations.  The Universerse, and my immune system, seemed to have another plan for me.

What I did realize, with the help of my DH, is that all that really matters is here and now.  Our family is healthy, so we have a lil head cold, we have our house, we have money in the bank, food in the fridge, clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet.  We are together and working through it together.  Sometimes we need a rest day…physically after a tough workout, mentally and emotionally after stressors be them from work, family, community, economy etc.  Taking a break helps us reset and recalibrate our systems so we can step up and be better able to face those stressors.

So listen to your bodies and brains (or better yet your inner guide) how you’re doing and if/when you need a rest and then listen.

Rest and Peace!

Jennie Carlson

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