Get Giddy!

Hello Beautifuls!

Todays post was inspired by my reading from A Course In Miracles (I HIGHLY recommend it).  I’m on Lesson 75 and it says, “Give thanks for mercy and the Love of God.  Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely.  Be confident that on this day there is a new beginning.  Without the darkness of the past upon your eyes, you cannot fail to see today.  And what you see will be so welcome that you will gladly extend today forever.”  Ahh, just re-reading that makes me feel fresh and new.

Here’s my take on it (you can take it or leave it).  It made me think of all those cool stories about people who have been blind, either from birth or some trauma, and their sight suddenly returns.  The way they describe everything, the feeling they feel for seeing it brand new, the excitement, the joy, the gratitude for all those things that we seem to take for granted because we see them everyday.  Today I took that lesson to mean that I needed to look on things with new, fresh eyes, as if I haven’t seen them before.  It was soo fun!  I was just giddy all day long looking at things and feeling that deep gratitude for what has been given me.  The sly smile on my 2 year olds face when she’s caught doing something she’s not supposed to.  The clouds in the sky.  The colors of the leaves on the mountains.  The mountains.  My hands as they type and cook dinner.  My food!  What glory it all is and how lucky we are to have it all.

I kept shouting praises to the heavens (literally sometimes and silently other times) for all the goodness in my life and I felt like a giddy lil school girl who’s in love, only I’m in love with life!  So go and get giddy, be silly, be melodramatic (in the good way) and allow your hearts desire to be first and foremost to day…and your hearts desire is simply to have you recognize that you’re ALIVE!  When you recognize what’s around you and the life that’s flowing from it, you feed off that life and can’t help but be energized!

Ok, this post may be getting a lil too ‘out there’ for some of you, but since ya came here and are still reading then there may be something in this that you may need to hear.  Believe in God or not, belive that life/energy exists in the things around us or not, believe in those things or not but please believe in your heart.  Every day you wake up and your heart is beating it’s sending you a message…LIVE!  Go on…what are you waiting for?  You have my invitation to live fully and report back to me!

Love and Light,

Jennie Carlson

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