Like a Kid again!

Hello Beautifuls!

This last weekend was full of fun fun fun!*  Saturday was the last day Lagoon-a-Beach was open (a local amusement parks water features) so I took my girls and we played in the water all day!  Later that night my nephew had a pirate party complete with bandanas, eye patches, swords, and mustaches.  Sunday we spent all day up at Oktoberfest jumping on trampolines, climbing the obstacle course, riding the alpine slides and zip line.  Let me tell you how exhausted I am!

Have you ever wished you had even HALF the energy as your lil ones?  Here’s one of those lil mysteries of life that not very many people understand.  Most kids have that much energy BECAUSE they are moving.  But I don’t have any energy to even move, you say?  Start moving and you’ll see the energy come.  Try it, I PROMISE you’ll be surprised.  When you start to move your body, your body starts to reproduce more chemicals that give you energy.

Today I want you to run around like a lil kids.  Not sure what that means?  Just watch one for a couple of minutes.  They are up and down the stairs, climbing the furniture, they run EVERYWHERE, jumping up and down, somersaulting, cartwheels, etc.  Be playful today, throw garbage in the garbage can like you’re shooting the winning shot in basketball or the winning touchdown.  Laugh!  It’s a GREAT ab workout and calorie burner!  Did you know the average child laughs about 300 times a day?  Can you guess how many time us grouchy adults laugh in a day?  Seventeen!  SAD!  Laugh today, smile today, play today, giggle, be silly, be goofy, be over dramatic (in the good way), imagine!

You’ll fall into bed exhausted but with a huge grin on your face!  Let me know below what/how you did and what you thought of it!


Jennie Carlson

*This post was meant for last Wednesday but I got sick and posted Sometimes Ya Gotta Rest instead because it was more true for me.  I really LOVE the idea behind this post and although this last weekend I didn’t get to do even half of the fun things I did when I originally wrote this, I still think it’s a great concept.  One we should adopt frequently if not just to remind ourself to not take life so seriously.

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