Food Habits for Fat Loss!

Hello Beautifuls!

I’m not one to love diets, or follow them.  As a Nutrition Coach I abhor when people tell me about the latest and greatest and how much weight they’ve lost but how they can only eat fruit the first day, only veggies the second then a mix the third and so on until the diet it over then they go out and order a Krispy Cream with a side of bacon!  Diets don’t work…the first three letters in the word spell DIE because you can’t survive on these diets.  They are only meant for short-term.

What I have is Five (5) habits that you can use everywhere you go, yes even at fast food joints although I don’t condone that, and you can see success.  This is not a crazy starve-yourself diet, or soup only diet, this is a way of eating that can help you lose weight.  So eat the foods you normally eat (well…you may hafta pass on the sweets) because this is a way of eating to live healthy and happy.  I personally have lost over 10 pounds using these habits.  Do I follow them religiously?  80% of the time, see that post here.

Here’s my video where I talk a lil bit about the five habits and then check out the link to get them for yourself.  It’s only $5.00!  Or copy and paste this in your browser

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know…I’m here for ya!

Jennie Carlson

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