You can choose happiness or anger!

Hello Beautifuls!

I’ve been angry a lot lately…blame whatever you like (and I have a long list like hormones, change in weather, change in routine, back to school etc.) I blamed a lot of things.  Until…I cam across this cute lil pic on Facebook.

It really got me thinking on some of the work I’ve done from A Course of Miracles (again…a book I HIGHLY recommend you go out and get or start reading if you have it) and found this, “Lesson 34:  I Could See Peace Instead Of This.”  I was reminded of how simply it REALLY is.  It’s a choice we make…to be happy or all that other crap?  To feel peace and see light or feel resentment and see darkness?

Our minds want it to be more complicated than that.  You’re thinking, “What?!?  It can’t be that easy can it?!? ”  Sure, why not?  You have the choice.  Good news and bad news is that you made the choices that put you where you are now, however craptacular or amazing it is, so you can make choices to get you out of the crappy-ness or towards greater greatness! 🙂  Yes!  It’s that easy!

So…what do you choose?

Jennie Carlson

Oh yeah…I made a video where I riff on anger and that other stuff and happiness and all that good stuff!  Check it out!

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