Hello Be’YOU’tifuls!

Let me spell it out for your subconscious (because I have that mean lil girl telling me it’s a lie too) that YOU are beautiful!  Here’s the catch:  You are beautiful when you are being you…hence the big capital letters in the middle of the wrongly spelled word! 🙂  I’m sure you can rattle off all those cute, cheeky sayings that tell you to be you because you’re the only you and everyone else is taken blah blah truthfulness that we, for some unseen reason, can’t accept.  I’m here to raise you subconscious to the light!  Big task, but I’m up for it if you’re willing to let me try?!?

All the success, all the goodness, sweetness, loving, hope, happiness, joy, wealth, gratitude that you see in others…you have in yourself.  You want proof?  Brace yourself.  You would not recognize in others what you don’t have yourself!  There (imagine me sticking my tongue out and saying neener neener to your sneering subconscious)!  It’s THAT simple!  If you yourself did not possess those traits in you somewhere, you would not be able to recognize them in others.  The single fact that you can see them and maybe even wish you had them is proof that you do in fact harbor all those great things.  Now they may be dusty and need some TLC, but with the recognition that you have them and the desire to bring them forth is all you need!

Ha!  I’m giddy with the realization that it’s soo simple.  If you find yourself questioning or if your subconscious does her swift kill glare at you then you must know that they’re there waiting for you.  You subconscious is trying to keep you ‘protected’ or ‘humble’ or ‘modest’ or ‘little’ for reasons we sometimes don’t know and sometimes we knowingly gave her that task because of something that’s happened in the past (don’t wanna make THAT mistake again).  So we shut ourselves off of our true self, our higher self, our stronger more pliable self because what if…?  What if it’s bad?  What if they don’t like me?  What if I look stupid?  What if it doesn’t work?  What if the ‘what if’s’ didn’t matter?  Hmmm?  What would you do, how would you act if you let go of all the snarky subconscious sh*t? (pardon my language but it’s an apt phrase for what it really is)

You are here for a reason.  You are given all the things necessary to carry out that reason (if you can believe in yourself).  You are GREAT when you allow yourself to be.  I know you’ve seen a glimpse here and there of what I’m talking about.  That moment everything is brighter and you feel clarity and peace and JOY doing what you’re doing.  Then it all comes crashing down because of that lil voice telling us how we can’t or shouldn’t or won’t do it right and we crumple under the anxiety of the ‘what if’s’ and stop being great.

“Try to become anything which you aren’t.  It’s impossible.  You can only become something which you are.”  Sri Vishwanath  We were born into love, through love, with love, and for love.  Your reason, life mission, purpose, whatever you wanna call it is in you…always!  You know it’s true on a level that you can’t logic so stop trying to and start being.

Be You beautiful!

Jennie Carlson

Reminder:  the Healthy Holiday Challenge starts this Saturday October 27.  Regsister Here!

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