Setbacks Do NOT Mean You’re a Failure!

Hello Beautifuls!

When we set goals we are all ‘gung-ho’ and ready to succeed no matter what.  We probably do really well for a little while then come across an obstacle or temptation and we may stumble and fall, slip up, or totally forget what our goal was.  When that happens we tend to talk to ourselves like we’ve let the whole world down and we might as well crawl in a hole and die because we’ll never amount to much if we can’t follow through on a simple little goal.  Soun familiar?  Just because you made a mistake (you are human after all) doesn’t mean you’ll never reach that goal.  It’s just a setback, slip up, mistake…that’s it!  It’s not the end of the world!  You can get up and try again and keep moving forward!

Watch the video to learn a little more about the difference between a setback and failure!  Don’t give up on yourself!

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Love and Light,

Jennie Carlson

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