What’s your worst case scenario?

Hello Beautiful!
I’m here to ask you what was the worst thing that happened to you? How did you handle it? The reason I ask is because soo many times we don’t follow our goals or reach for our dreams because we’re soo worried of what ‘might’ happen.
After looking at the worst thing you’ve been through I want you to recognize that, yeah it probably sucked, BIG time! BUT, and that’s a big but, you survived! You came out a better person, smarter than you were before, stronger than you were before.
So, I want you to imagine the worst case scenario to trying to live out your dreams? I know my worst case scenario looks like this.
I could lose my house, my hubby, my bank account and my car but I know I could go work in a gym teaching fitness classes or personal training sessions. If I somehow lost my certifications I could always go back and be a waitress servin people food, living in a studio apartment, making it the best I can.
When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem so scary, I know I could survive. Is it ideal? No, but I could survive. Most of the time our worst case scenarios stay just that…scenarios.
When you look at it like that it helps that feeling if ‘smallness’ or even fear of the unknown go away and makes it seem like a no brainer to just go for it!
You’ll be ok, worst case scenario or not!
Jennie Carlson

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