What kind of lunatic are you?

Hello Beautifuls!

Lunatic and lunacy come from the Latin root Lunar meaning moon.  Coincidence?  Some studies say it is pure coincidence and others say it’s based off the gravitational pull, tides, our bodies are mostly water and salt etc.  I googled ‘moon affect moods’ and on the first page were multiple contradicting studies and beliefs.  My belief?  I personally do believe the moon affects moods.  I know it does mine (or maybe I belong in the loony-bin HA)!

I’m an Aquarius, water sign, so I’m very emotional (besides I come from a long line of depressed ancestors).  I also tend to belive in the ‘unseen’.  What I mean by that is the things that the eyes can’t see but science is coming a LONG way and can start to capture out magnetic fields and KNOW that they really are real even if we can’t see them at face value.  My point?  As a water sign, and genetically emotional, I believe the moon affects my mood.

How does this have any importance to you other than an interesting (hopefully) read about some random persons opinion on the moon and moods?  Why am I asking so many questions in this blog?  I don’t know the answer to that latter question but the former is this:  It doesn’t matter what ‘studies show’ (say ‘studies show’ in a low, and authoritative voice you can muster) because they are just that, studies.  You can search the web for anything and everything under the sun (and moon) and find ‘how-to’s’, lists, resources, reasons, opinions and such.  You can read them all and still never really know what the right one is.

The best way to know if something is true is to go within.  Ask your heart/higher power what feels true to you!  What does feel true to you?  I compare this to parenting books.  I’ve had 3 kids spanned over 6 years and with each kid there were new ‘studies’ that came out saying which way was best for a child to sleep to avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  First is was ALWAYS on the back, then ONLY on their stomachs, then lastly was propped on their side.  Did I follow them with each child?  No!  I found what way my child slept best and was grateful for every minute of rest I got and let that ‘study’ go to hell.

Bottom line, you do what you feel is right.  Believe what feels true to you instead of what other people think should be true for you, and you will live a life of a lot less stress and that means more happiness. 🙂 YAY! So what if I believe that the moon affects my moods and you think that makes me loony?!?  I know that if I follow the moon cycle and can prepare myself for the overwhelming emotions, I may be able to handle them better.  So STOP stressing about all the ‘studies’ and create some of your own studies.  After all, that’s what life is for anyway.

Live and Learn and Love all along the way!

Love and MoonLight,

Jennie Carlson

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