Practically Perfect

Hello Beautifuls!

The title for today comes from the beloved Mary Poppins.  She gets out her measuring tape and measures Jane and Michael then measures herself and she measures practically perfect in every way!  My question to you is…where did this desire for perfection come from?  I get that we all want to be better but at what cost to our spirit, our emotion, our life, does this constant striving cause?

When can we say ‘enough is enough’ and just be happy with what we have.  I’m in no way saying that you shouldn’t strive for better, but I suggest that we put the ‘perfection’ ideal on a shelf and instead strive for progression.  Let me explain what I mean a little bit because I see two sides to this coin.  Humor me and keep reading and if you disagree by all means please feel free to help me understand because I’m dumbfounded.

We life in a society that praises and showers attention on the ‘seemingly’ perfect.  I’ll take movie stars as a shining example.  They are portrayed in movies (which are fake and spend hours in makeup, hair and wardrobe) as these amazing characters that we’re drawn to.  Then the paparazzi follows them around and grabs a picture of them being human (say picking a wedgie or booger) and we all of a sudden shame them or make them out to be terrible people.  I know this is an extreme example but I know that you’re nodding your head and saying to yourself ‘oh yeah, I guess we kinda do that’.

With the pressure to reach this perfectness we go to these CRAZY extremes like gluing on fake eyelashes, putting a drill to our nails, bleaching gluing metal to our teeth, using a laser to remove natural hair, fat and stretch marks,  and in most extreme cases going under the knife to alter the way our bodies were meant to be made by enhancing, erasing, removing or injecting foreign things.  Does this seem like perfection to you?

I say we drop the idea of perfection and adopt the idea of progression instead.  Did I do my best today?  Instead of, I can’t believe I did that I KNOW better.  I think we’d all be kinder and gentler to ourselves and others and allow for mistakes and praise those who are trying to better themselves instead of beating themselves up for not always getting it right.

Here’s some questions you can ask to help you attain progression instead of perfection.  (These are not new tools to use to beat yourself up. So let that inner critic go where the sun don’t shine before asking these questions.)

Did I do the best I can do?

Did I try a my hardest?

Did I eat more veggies and less junk?

Did I drink more water than soda?

Did I make eye contact and smile?

Did I offer my help when I could?

Was I true to myself?

Did I listen to my heart?

Did I move my body in a way that made me feel good?

Did I take a moment to count my blessing?

These are all great questions to ask to help you reach progression.  Notice the comparison is taken out of them.  Be the best you TODAY, in THIS moment, right NOW instead of comparing yourself to you past self, your potential self and most damaging…to others!  When we strive for progression I believe we will reach perfection in our own way.  I actually believe we all are ALREADY practically perfect in every way, it’s the judging, comparing, and self-abuse that keeps us from remembering that perfection already exists inside of us.

Now go out there and be that perfection that is uniquely you!  You measure up!  You’re worth it!


Jennie Carlson


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