Heart of the Matter

Hello Beautifuls!

Lets talk about the heart.  The heart is an AMAZING organ.  Unselfish and efficient.  Despite how we treat it, the food we eat, the drugs we submit it to, the lack of movement, the stress, it still keeps on beating.  It pumps life-giving oxygen, nutrients, and energy to every part of our bodies.  Even those tiny parts that we don’t tend to think of as part of our body because they come together to make the whole.  They also help us rid ourselves of yucky toxins to make way for better things.

“If anything in this universe reflects the fingerprint of God, it is the human heart.”  This is a quote from the book When Crickets Cry and if anything helps you understand the workings of a heart, physical and emotional it’s this book.  The heart is the center of our body and the center of our being.  It’s what keeps us going literally and metaphorically.

I’d bet that you’ve met more brain-dead people than you care to recall, but someone without a heart…just isn’t possible.  It may be buried under years and years of abuse (mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical), it may have walls built around it to keep it from being broken to a million bits like it has before, it may be a small flame needing some rekindling and caring for but it’s there.

This heart that is connected to our bodies through highways of veins and arteries also connects us to each other through unseen highways of love and forgiveness, joy and peace.  When we connect to those states of being we connect ourselves to everyone and everything around us.  Pulsing with Life!  Doesn’t that sound awesome?

My hope, from deep within my heart is that we all find this connection.  Tap into that place in the center of you body and start to uncover what has always been there and allow it to come forward.  Guiding your every waking moment.

Namaste (the light in me, sees and reflects the light in you)

Jennie Carlson

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