Think you can and…you can!

Hello Beautifuls!

When I was young I LOVED to dance (still do) and I was in a dance company.  This dance company was awesome!  We won every competition we entered, performed half-time for a Raiders football game, and performed at Stadium of Fire (a local Fourth of July event at the BYU stadium).  That’s not all that I loved about this dance company.  We had a GREAT team cheer;  Energy, Enthusiasm, Excellence!  We would say that with some claps and jumps before each performance.  That cheer really got us to do our best.

Even better than that (oh just wait) we would say this Motto every practice as part of our warm up.  Ready for it?  Here goes:

When I think I can, I can

When I think I can, I can

It’s my Attitude that lets me win

It’s my Attitude that lets me win

I AM A Winner

Winners do MORE than expected

BEFORE it’s expected

and BETTER than expected

What my mind Sees


and Holds onto


I Am a Winner

I am REALLY a Winner!

Then we’d end with our clap and cheer of Energy, Enthusiasm, Excellence and cheer and get ready to dance.  This Motto and cheer have shaped the course of my beliefs that I can do anything.  It’s one thing to have read ‘The Little Engine That Could’ and believe you can because that little engine did but, to say this motto twice a week for years…it stuck in my brain and hasn’t left me yet.

When you belive something, when you see or imagine something, when you have an idea, it’s something that’s already a part of who you are!  If it wasn’t possible, you never would have seen, imagined, felt, believed it to begin with.  All those thoughts, whispers, visions, dreams, are all given to you for a reason…because YOU were meant to carry them out in only the way YOU can!

So take that idea off the shelf and dust it off, breathe life back into it and put some Energy, Enthusiasm and Excellence into it and you’ll be AMAZED at the results!  When in doubt, stand at attention (arms down at your sides, head and chest lifted high) and say that Motto out loud to yourself!

You CAN do it!  I believe!

Jennie Carlson

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