Hello Beautifuls!

Today is 12-12-12 and it’s the last day we’ll see repeating in our lifetime so it seems kinda special to me.  I looked up the significance of 12 on good ol’ Wikipedia and was pretty interested in what I found.  I of course went straight to the ‘Religious/Mythological’ meaning and was impressed.  12 actually has some significance.  There’s the 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 apostles, 12 months in a year, Greeks had the 12 Olympians as principal gods of the pantheon, Odin had 12 sons, 12 days of Christmas, the sun-god Suya has 12 names and there are 12 petals in the Anahata (heart chakra.)

My favorite (which I didn’t see listed on Wikipedia) is that there are 12 asanas (poses) in a sun salutation.  The sun salutation is a series of poses to help build heat in the body so there’s a significance to the name sun salutations.  You also literally salute the sun since it’s waking hours are typically 12 in a day.  Isn’t it fun when things come together like this or am I just a weirdo?!?  Don’t answer that! 🙂

I’ve already done a blog on sun salutations here. Here is a cool picture that depicts the 12 moves in a sun salutation.  I challenge you to do 12 of them today because it’s fun, it’s good for you, and it’s 12-12-12 so what better way to celebrate by doing 12 sun salutations which has 12 moves in it, you could add 12 minutes of meditation or 12 oms at the end to make it a full 12-12-12 celebration!



Jennie Carlson

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