Can you forgive them?

Hello Beautifuls!

My heart breaks at the news today of the school shooting and I wept for the families that are left with a hole in their life.  It breaks my heart that there’s so much suffering when our peace is but a breath and a prayer away.  I prayed for the families, I prayed for the survivors, and I especially prayed for the shooters.

I’m reminded of a story of a Rabbi walking down the street with one of his students and a man rushed by and pushed the Rabbi into the gutter.  As the student was helping the Rabbi out of the gutter the Rabbi called to the man who pushed him and said, “may you find all the peace and joy you are looking for.”  As the Rabbi and student kept walking the student asked the Rabbi why he’d wished that man peace and joy when he had pushed him in the gutter and the Rabbi replied, “If that man had all the peace and joy he was looking for, he would have had no need to push me in the gutter.”

So please remember as we continue on our journey that people who lash out and treat others terribly are battling their own demons.  If those shooters had all the peace and joy in their life they were looking for they would have found no need to hurt innocent children.  So pray for them, forgive them, send them compassion and love, for they need it.

As we near Christmas and celebrate Jesus’s birth, remember also his sacrifice for us.  Even Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  Luke 23:34  That is the ultimate example of forgiveness.  Take this example and help us heal the world by forgiving those men, and asking God to forgive them too.



Be the change!  Instead of spreading hate, anger, bitterness and resentment, spread love, compassion, and forgiveness.

May you have all the peace and joy you are looking for!

Jennie Carlson

2 thoughts on “Can you forgive them?

  1. This is so true Jennie! I pray for peace, love and joy within the hearts of everyone in this world for we are all one. The rabbi was so right on! Thanks for sharing.

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