Give yourself credit!

Hello Beautifuls!

Today I was at this awesome Mama’s Group and chit-chatting away about Christmas being just a week away and I mentioned how I just barely got my christmas cards back from the photo center and joking about how lame I am for deciding to do it last minute. These amazing Mama’s stopped me and told me to be proud for doing a Christmas card at all and to give myself some credit.

They are absolutely right! I would tell a friend or client in a similar situation the same exact thing. There are countless times in a day where we brush off what we have done because it wasn’t nearly enough, or it wasn’t perfect or it wasn’t anything special. Instead of brushing them off I suggest we start patting ourselves on the back.

How many things do you actually do in a day that you don’t give yourself credit for? Things like getting out of bed (especially in the winter when it’s so cozy), getting your kids up and off to school (matching clothes, brushed hair and teeth or not, they made it to school), make breakfast, lunch and dinner (even if you grabbed something from a window or yesterdays leftovers), running errands (if you don’t, who will?!?) and the list goes on. I can hear your inner mean girl from here saying, “Yeah, but, these are all things I HAVE to do, so I shouldn’t get credit for them!” I’m here to tell you that’s BULL!

I challenge you to write down a list of everything you do in a day and then give yourself a hug for everything listed, or a silent ‘I Love You’, or even a silent ‘TA-DA!’ Here is a lil clip of Amanda Gore talking about ‘Ta-Da’s’! EVeryone, espeically YOU, deserve credit for the things that get done!

You are worth it!
Jennie Carlson

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