A different approach to Resolutions!

Hello Beautifuls!

New Years is a time where a lot of people make resolutions. One of my mind/body idols, Danielle LaPorte, has come up with a great thing called the Desire Map where you work more on how you want to ‘feel’ instead of what you want to achieve and I think it’s GENIUS! Watch my video to see my take on the whole ‘feeling’ thing! And get a nice little meditation to help you achieve this feeling thing! 🙂

Questions to ask and journal about:
1-How did last year feel, and if I could wrap it all up in one feeling what would it be?
2-How do I want to feel this year?
3-When did I feel that way last year?
4-What did I do last year when I felt that way (the way you want to feel in 2013)?
5-What can I do this year/month/week/day/minute to feel this way?
6-Do it! 🙂

You are beautiful and worth taking the time to figure out your feelings!
Jennie Carlson

4 thoughts on “A different approach to Resolutions!

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