Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

Hello Beautifuls!

I’ve had many requests for an evening yoga. Here’s my poll to get a better idea of day/time that works best! I will continue holding Monday morning class at 6:30am, the poll below is for evening classes.

First Class is FREE, Drop in classes are $7 or you can purchase a 10 punch pass for $60 ($10 off). You can purchase the pass here. Or go to

If you’re not sure if yoga is for you, check out this ‘Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga’ list from Yoga Alliance. Here’s the short of it:

1- Stress Relief
2- Pain Relief
3- Better Breathing
4- Flexibility
5- Increased Strength
6- Weight Management
7- Improved Circulation
8- Cardiovascular Conditioning
9-Focus on the Present
10- Inner Peace

Who doesn’t want any of those? Come give it a try.

Jennie Carlson

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