How Buff is Your Brain? 10 Ways to Flex your Mind Muscles

Hello Beautifuls!

Your brain is a part of your body and so it only make sense that it needs to be worked out to stay in tip-top shape. How do you flex your Mind Muscles? Here are some easy ways to buff up the brain!

1~ Learn something new! As adults we get comfortable doing what we’re doing. Since there isn’t a teacher forcing us to learn something that doesn’t come so easy to us we kinda get lazy and stick with what we know. This makes for mushy minds. Check out tutorials on YouTube or google and harness that inner inquisitive child.

2~ Change up your routine. I already mentioned how we tend to get comfortable. We are creatures of habit and routine. When we stick to routine our brain goes on auto-pilot and basically checks out. Change it up by doing your routine backwards (ok, so you can’t shower after you do your hair but you get my drift). Try driving to school or work a different way, wear your hair, makeup and clothes in a new way, eat something different for breakfast, lunch, or dinner instead of the same old thing.

3~ Headstand/Handstand. Literally turn your world upside down. In Yoga, this is a way to get a new perspective on life. It’s also a great way to get fresh oxygenated blood to the brain so you can refresh your outlook. Not quite advanced enough (please listen to your body and it’s limits) lay on the couch backwards with your feet where you head usually is and your head hanging off the seat. Work up to 3-5 minutes a day!

4~ Omega 3 Fatty Acids and I’m not talking icky fish pills that you burp all day long. Flax seeds or oil, walnuts, Salmon, Halibut and Cod (check to see that they’re not farmed fish), cabbage, cauliflower, and Chia Seeds! Good fat that’s good food for the brain. Bonus: It helps lower cholesterol, enhances mood, and makes your skin, hair and nails super sexy and shiny 🙂

5~ Meditate! I don’t know why I put this one WAY down here because it’s one of my all time faves! Meditation helps the brain channel and focus better. I hear A LOT of people say that they can’t meditate because they can’t seem to turn off their brain. Meditation is not about turning it off (that could have drastic side effects for our body systems that rely on the brain to keep them running) it’s about focusing the mind. One of my favorite books on meditation is 8 Minute Meditation by Victor N. Davich. He talks about this in-depth. Who doesn’t have an extra 8 minutes to have a healthier brain? (missing 8 minutes of sleep in the morning is a very small sacrifice that could mean GREATER gains for you) meditatingmom

6~ Excercise! Don’t you hate it when exercise is the answer?!? LOL I personally LOVE it! Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and feel good endorphins. Stumped on your next project or what to do with the frustrating paperwork? Stand up and take a walk around the office, swing your arms, lift your knees, do a couple of lunges and deep breaths and you’ll sit down with a whole new outlook on your work. It even works with kids when they’re whining and upset, have them race to the next bedroom or see how many jumping jacks they can count then tackle the issue with a lighter heart and mood!

7~ Read! Read something other than your Facebook notifications. Get out a book and bury your nose in it. Ask for suggestions and pick the one that you would absolutely never in your life pick up on your own accord. Into romance? Try Sci-Fi! Into Historical Literature? Try Fantasy. Get out the dictionary instead of skimming over the word and trying to figure out what it means in its context.

8~ Create Art! Use your hands to creat something from nothing. Write, color, sketch, play an instrument, take pictures, dance, knit, sew, mold, sculpt something!

9~ Listen to Classical Music. There are TONS of studies done that classical music helps stimulate the brain! Don’t believe me, do some research of your own (also stimulates the brain like I mention in #1 Learning Something New) Ha…two birds with one stone BAM!

10~ Turn off the TV and get outside! Look away from the 2D world and explore th 3D world we live in. Textures, smells, and bonus…you’re moving (aka exercise) like in #6.

May your brain bust with buffness after doing these things!
Jennie Carlson

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