15 Minute Makeover

Hello Beautiful!

Today you get a workout!  All you need is a set of dumbbells, a timer or minute hand clock/watch and space the size of a yoga mat.

Do each exercise for 1 minute rest for 30 seconds then move to the next exercise.

  • Burpees
  • Scissor Sit-ups
  • Down Dog Push-ups
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Jump Switch Lunges
  • Axe Chop alt R&L in 30 sec.
  • Crescent Tricep Kick Back alt R&L in 30 sec.
  • Twisting Abs
  • Push-ups
  • Wall Sits

Here’s a Printable Version  15 Min Makeover

Do one time through for a great quickie or go through twice for a 30 min. boost or 3 times if you’re ambitious and 4 times if you REALLY wanna make your fat cry (aka sweat)!

Burpees:  Start standing.  Squat down so you hands are touching the floor.  Jump you feet back so you’re in plank or push-up position (extra credit do a push-up here) then hop your feet back to your hands and stand up.

Scissor Sit-ups:  Lie on your back.  Exhale and draw the left shoulder up and off the ground while extending your right leg toward your left shoulder.  Inhale and lower to your back.  Exhale and draw the right shoulder up and off the ground while extending the left leg toward your right shoulder.  Repeat.

Down Dog Push-ups:  Position  yourself in down dog (inverted ‘V’ with hands on the ground, hips in the air and feet on the ground about 3-4 feet away from you hands.  Place your finger forward or in toward each other (I do 30 sec. facing forward and 30 sec. facing toward each other) and bend your elbows til your head almost touches the ground and push back up.

Kettle Bell Swing:  You don’t need a kettle bell for this.  Grab your dumbbell and hold it with both hands on one end and allow the other end to point toward the floor.  Stand with feet 2-3 feet apart toes facing forward or out to the side (personal preference here, you can switch 30 sec. also just make sure you knees bend over you toes).  Inhale and squat with the dumbbell reaching for the ground and back straight.  Exhale and stand up straight while bringing your arms up to shoulder height.  Inhale and lower back to squat and weight reaching for the floor.

Jump Switch Lunges:  Lunge your right foot forward and left foot back so both knees are at 90 degree angles then jump and switch so left foot is forward and right foot is back.  Repeat.

Axe Chop:  Stand on your right foot and tap your left foot out to the side while extending your arms overhead to the right (nice diagonal line from hands to left foot)  Exhale and bring your hands down to your belly button while bringing your knee up to your hands.  Inhale and lengthen arms and leg back out.  Do this side for 30 sec. then switch to the left leg tapping right foot out to the side and arms go up to the left.  Exhale and meet hands and knee in the middle.  Repeat.

Crescent Tricep Kick Back:  Stand in Crescent Lunge (right leg forward and bent at 90 degree angle and left leg straight behind you)  hold dumbbells in hand by you side.  Inhale and lift your elbows up and back behind you.  Exhale and straighten your arms.  Inhale bend your elbows, exhale extend arms straight.  Repeat 30 sec. then switch left leg in front and right leg behind.

Twisting Abs:  Sit on the floor with you knees bent so your torso and thighs creat a ‘V’.  Holding your dumbbells in your hands at chest (like you’re saying a prayer with your dumbbells).  Inhale and sit up tall exhale and twist so you right elbow reaches back behind you and toward the floor.  Inhale sit up tall exhale and twist so your left elbow reaches back behind you and toward the floor.  Extra Credit…lift your feet off the floor and balance on your bum!

Push-ups:  Need I say more?  1 minute…GO!!!  Make sure and count so you can see how ech time you can do more and more!

Wall Sits:  Again…need I say more?  Aim for you thighs to be perpendicular to the ground.  Extra Credit…Hold your dumbbells!

If you have questions about these exercises…need more detailed instructions or a modification for a part of your body you’re trying to heal, feel free to contact me info@bodyimagebuilder.com


Jennie Carlson

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