Meditation Challenge

Hello Beautifuls!

Last November I came across a Meditation Challenge that Deepak Chopra did on Abundance.  It was 21 days long with daily guided meditations from Mr. Chopra himself (such a soothing voice) complete with a Facebook page where the other meditators gathered and wrote inspiring messages to one another after each meditation.  He’s doing it again starting March 11.  Go here to sign up and join me and thousands of others meditate on Perfect Health!

I’ve been meditating on and off for about 9 years with the intent to REALLY meditate more.  This desire to want to REALLY meditate took me on a journey of searching what meditation really was.  I remember from Primary and Sunday School to Search, Ponder, and Pray and that the word meditate or meditation appears in the scriptures quite a few times in the same meaning as search, ponder and pray.

So did I REALLY need to learn how to meditate or had I been doing it all along just only in a religious way?  My studies led me to a book whose title made me laugh and intrigued me at the same time.  8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich.  The cover goes on to read…Quiet Your Mind.  Change Your Life.  8 Minutes to Greater Peace.  8 Minutes to Lower Stress.  8 Minutes to Improved Focus.  8 Minutes to a Happier Life.  I bought the book!

Unlike a lot of other books that I’ve bought and opened and only read part way through, this one I did cover to cover.  I say I ‘did it’ cover to cover because it’s more of a work book.  Giving you different types of meditations that you use 8 minutes a day for a week before you move on to the next meditation.  It’s sort of a meditation sampler.

This book gave me the knowledge that there are multiple different types of meditation and that the only meditation that’s a bad one is the one you didn’t do.  If you show up for meditation it will show up for you with MANY health benefits resulting.  Check here for a LONG list of the benefits of meditation.

By the time Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge rolled by I had been meditating regularly for over a year and I was excited for something new.  The meditation challenge had 15 minute recorded meditations where Deepak would talk about the idea for the day then he gave us a mantra to meditate with.  A mantra is a word or saying that you repeat over and over in meditation to help focus your mind.

Not only was there an awesome meditation but there was a journal tool with questions for you to answer after you meditated to help open up your awareness and deepen you experience.  That 21 day meditation challenge changed my meditation practice for the better.  I was able to dive deeper into meditation than I ever had before.  I would highly recommend everyone try this next 21 day meditation challenge.

Go Here to sign up and find me on the message boards and say hello!  I will be there finding my way to Perfect Health of Mind, Body and Soul through meditation!

If you have any questions about this challenge or meditation please feel free to ask!


Jennie Carlson

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