You are Perfect!

Hello BeYoutiful!

You read that title right…You are Perfect!  In every way you can imagine.

Your laugh

Your smile

Your quirky sense of humor

You hair and all its crazy cowlicks

Your smart brain that keeps you alive even when you sleep

Your bright and shiny eyes looking into the future

Your arms and hands that hold your loved ones close to your heart

AND your big and beautiful heart

Your belly for helping you assimilate and distribute energy and maybe even grow new life inside

Your strong legs carrying you around day after day after day without giving up


ALL of you

Down to every atom, molecule, cell, organ system, into the intangible, spiritual realm and energy systems, your thoughts, are ALL perfect because they are part of who you are!

Love yourself

Give gratitude for yourself

Hug yourself

Accept yourself

Respect yourself

You are worthy of this love simply because you’re alive!

Want some extra help and guidance along your journey?  Check out my Body Image Booster Sessions  or check out this awesome 21 day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah on Perfect Health!

Namaste (the light in me sees and reflects the light in you)

Jennie Carlson

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