Trust in Yourself!

Hello Beautiful!

Trust in Yourself.  A simple yet profound phrase.  What does it mean?  Which part do you place your trust?  The part that tells you how yummy that cheeseburger is or the one that says you don’t need that kind of food?  Do you trust that part of you that is always looking out for ways you could have done better or the part of you that loves you because you did it, you tried?

Trust in the higher part of you.  That part of you that IS good not the part that keeps telling you how you should be better.  Trust in the tiny whispers of how awesome you are, what a good job you did, how hard you’re working.  Trust in the part that says ‘its okay, we’ll try next time, I still love you’, and ‘don’t be so hard on yourself you’re doing the best you can’.

That higher part of you is connected to the highest part of our lives.  When place our trust THERE…things work out, they always do.  Just like the baby trusts its parents to take care of its needs, trust God will take care of yours.  First do you part, love, live, laugh, give then trust that your needs will be fulfilled…because they will…when you trust.

I just read The Law of Divine Compensation from Marianne Williamson and she talks about how the embryo doesn’t have to TRY to become a baby and the acorn doesn’t have to TRY to become and oak tree.  Stop trying and trust who you are (an amazing, beautiful soul) and start being!


Namaste (the light in me sees and reflects the light in you)

Jennie Carlson

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9 thoughts on “Trust in Yourself!

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  2. Thank you, Jennie, for the thoughtful words. I wish I didn’t have to ever TRY to trust myself, but trusting doesn’t always come easily. However, I am trusting myself more and more each day 🙂

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