How to Defy Age and Reduce Wrinkles!

Hello Beautiful!

I LOVE yoga (you probably already know this but I’m exclaiming it again)!  One of my favorite things about Yoga is how fun and playful you get to be on the mat while trying new and challenging things.

My favorite, besides Shavasana, is Inversions.  There is something about flipping upside down that makes me happy.  Maybe it’s the whole ‘turn that frown upside down’ taken literally that makes me giggle.  Maybe it’s all the blood that flows to my head that makes me giddy.  Maybe it’s a combination of that and so much more!

Check out my post on where I talk about how Inversions help you age better.  Click Here!  Or copy and paste this link in your browser

Turn your frown upside down,

Jennie Carlson

MeHandstandHere I am upside down at the park with the kiddos, girlfriends and puppy!


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