Hello Beautiful!

Beginnings are sweet, fresh, fun and new.  Everyone LOVES beginnings.  Think of the beginning of a great book that just captures  your attention and draws you in.  Or the beginning of a vacation, school year, relationship, or even the beginning of a new season brings excitement and change.

At the beginning there is SO much energy.  The energy is contagious and that excited vibration raises yourself and everyone around you.  You are overflowing with love for the ‘new’ so you go and do more than your ever do.  You make promises, vows, intentions to keep this feeling alive because it’s so great!  Soon, however, that excitement and freshness fade and turn into regularity and sameness.


So how do we keep that feeling of beginnings alive from day to day?  How do we create and re-create that fresh and fun feeling day to day?  How do we keep yet another beginning of something awesome an amazing from fading and possibly turning into yet another sad ending?

  1. Perspective.  Change the way you see it.  Dig deep if you must.
  2. Buff, sand, spit-shine, update, whatever…until it looks like new again.
  3. Tender loving care.
  4. Fix, mend, glue, plaster all the broken, shattered, bent, torn pieces back together.  If that doesn’t work go back to #1 and try to look at it differently!
  5. Gratitude, big and small, ALWAYS brings back feelings of fresh and new.
  6. Forgive…the missteps, mistakes, mistrusts, misdeeds and let them go!
  7. Create new ways to do things that are becoming old…play with it!

Go out and begin again!

Jennie Carlson

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