Recognize Your Gifts!

Hello Beautiful!

If I were to ask you to write down all your gifts and talents in one minute how many would you be able to list?  Hint, instead of taking a guess just set a timer for a minute and do it.  Ready, Set, Go!

Did you do it yet?  C’mon, it’s not that hard, and it’s only a minute so give it a try.  Ready this time?  Go!

Ok, now that you finally did it…how many talents and gifts were on that list?  Five, Ten, Fifteen?  Now I want you to take another minute and list all the gifts and talents that other people you admire have.  For reals this time…Ready and Go!

How many were on that list?  More or less than what’s on your own list of gifts and talents?  If you’re like most people the second list had WAY more gifts and talents than your personal list did. And I’m willing to bet that it was a lot easier to think up those gifts and talents of other people than your own.


This realization may bring on some dismay, depression, upset, anger, or fear.  All of those feelings are normal.  You may even be asking yourself, “Why is it that other people have so many gifts and talents and I don’t have any?”  That is also normal.

I’m here to tell you that this is really not the case.  A Course in Miracles states “God gives only equally.  If you recognize His gift in anyone, you have acknowledged what He has given you.”  This is GREAT news!  So at the top of the second list you can proudly and confidently say that list is now yours also.  Godgivesequallymeme

The simple fact that you recognize that gift in someone else means that you possess the ability to also have that same gift.  It may take some work, it may take some time, it also might come easily and naturally to you now that you know you have it.  All of these factors depend on one underlying thought or belief.

It’s not a matter of ‘I think I can’ or ‘I think I can’t’…it’s a matter or ‘I am’ or ‘I am not’.  You have the ability, you have the option, and the choice, it is now up to you to act on it.  Do yourself a favor and believe in your ‘I am’ and take the steps necessary to make it your reality.

Now every time you recognize something great in someone else you can offer up a little moment of gratitude for the awareness and the reminder that you also have this same gift.  Make a game of it.  When you catch yourself comparing and coming up short quickly remind yourself that you also have those same gifts and send a smile to the person who helped you remember your awesomeness.

You are beautiful. You are awesome. You are gifted.

So Hum ~ I am

Jennie Carlson

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