Chakra Exercise: Root Chakra (1 of 7)

Hello Beautiful!

I’m doing a 7 part series on Chakras on Blog!  The more I learn about Chakras the more I love them and I want to share this with you also!  Click the link above to see the exercise and learn the mantra or copy and paste this in your browser

Since you are a loyal follower (thank you gorgeous) I want to reward you by giving you a little extra!  After you’ve read through the exercise (and actually took a minute to do the exercise for best results) sit down for a moment and ask yourself these questions and answer them as honestly and authentically as you can.

  • Do I feel safe, stable and secure?  Why or why not?
  • Do I feel empowered and confident in myself?  Why or why not?
  • Do I feel connected and grounded?  Why or why not?

Make sure you ask yourself these questions AFTER you’ve done the exercise!  This is über important because the exercise will activate the chakra and open it up thus allowing for a greater connection and understanding of this energy within you.  To take this a step deeper…be sure to sign up for my newsletter (You’ll also get my 3 Secrets to Lose Weight and Feel Great) to get a guided meditation each week!

P.S. Skeptical?  It’s okay!  I was too when I first saw the drawings and heard about it.  However there is a lot of evidence and research that these energy fields do exist.  Take a moment and do some research of your own.  The best kind of discovery is self-discovery.  Try some of the exercises and meditations and then judge for yourself.  Don’t knock it til ya try it! 😉


Jennie Carlson

2 thoughts on “Chakra Exercise: Root Chakra (1 of 7)

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