Lessons Learned this Year on the Blogosphere!

Hello Beautiful!

Today marks my 1 year Anniversary of this beautiful thing called a blog!  I just hopped on here to post an awesome video and SURPRISE it’s my Anniversary and I didn’t even know it!  So…game changer….I’m gonna post the video because it’s awesome THEN I’m gonna tell you what I’ve learned the past year!

First…the Video!  WATCH IT!  It makes me laugh, makes me cry, and gets me SUPER excited for August 9-10!

Balanced Woman Retreat is going to be AMAZING!  I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic the women experts are that will be there!  I’m blown away I get to be among them!  Go to BalancedWomanRetreat.com to grab your spot!

Second…my riff on lessons learned this year on the blogosphere.

  • Just like everything in life…it has it’s ups and downs!
  • You start off with the ‘honey-moon’ phase and are super excited and think everything is going to be perfect because you spent all this time researching and studying the best way to do it.
  • Then life catches up with you and you realize it’s a bit more work than you thought.
  • Then there’s the growing pains, the difficult decisions and choices, and moments when you want to say ‘Screw it!’ and throw in the towel.
  • Then there’s moments when you hit a certain amount of Followers, Subscribers, Likes, Shares, Comments, Posts or like today Anniversaries and you remind yourself how awesome it is!
  • In the end it’s all about the message you want to share with the world and how this is a vehicle that can get that message across!
  • I’ve laughed
  • I’ve cried
  • I’ve wanted to throw my computer across the room
  • I’ve taken a ‘break’
  • I’ve gotten back into the groove
  • I’ve had some personal breakthroughs
  • I’ve had some business breakthroughs
  • I’m grateful for you, my followers, subscribers, likers, sharers and commenters so keeping me feeling like I’m not just taking up space!

Thank you!  I love you!  Bless you!

Jennie Carlson

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