Practice Things that Terrify you!

Practice Things that Terrify you!

Hello Beautiful,

This is a picture of one of the only poses in Yoga that, to be totally honest, TERRIFIES me! I’m not afraid of handstands, headstands, splits, backbends, balances, etc. I may not be able to do them very well but they don’t scare me and I love a good challenge.

Forearm balances, however, freak me out! Maybe it’s because falling from the forearms is a little tricky, I’m worried about breaking my neck, or popping a shoulder out. Who knows!?!

My practice up to this point has always involved a wall. It’s got my back…literally! The thought of moving away from the wall, my safety net, and I can’t even get close to balancing.

Does this stop me from practicing? Absolutely not! If anything it strengthens my reserve to keep trying. Move further and further away from the wall till it’s non-existent!

As always, the lessons learned on the mat can most definitely be taken off the mat and into our day to day lives!

What is your proverbial wall? What are you terrified of? More importantly…what is that fear keeping you from?

Take baby steps away from the wall. One inch at a time until you are free and flying without worry of falling flat on your butt! Even if you do fall flat on your butt…you will feel stronger in knowing that you risked it! Lesson learned!

You can do it! I know you can!

Jennie Carlson

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