Quick Yoga Workout!

Hello Beautiful,

Yoga is a great full body workout.  You’re lifting your body weight for weight training.  You’re balancing.  You can even get cardio in if you work with a flow.

Here is a quick yoga workout to try out when you want some strength and cardio.  Do it once, twice, or ten times.  You get out of a workout what you put in to it!

What you need:  Yoga mat, slippery surface, and rags, socks, or sliding discs.

Here it is broken down:

  • Come to standing mountain pose and set your intention.
  • Inhale lift arms up
  • Exhale forward fold
  • Inhald half lift
  • Exhale slide back to plank and hold for a breath or two
  • Exhale pully belly back into the spine and slide feet back to forward fold
  • Inhale slide back to plank Repeat 3x
  • Exhale bring left knee up toward left elbow (extra credit for doing a push up at the same time)
  • Inhale slide back to plank
  • Exhale bring right knee up toward right elbow (extra credit pushup)
  • Repeat 2x each leg
  • Exhale up to down dog and breathe.
  • Exhale slide left leg between hands, rotate back foot to 45 degree angle
  • Inhale lift up to Warrior II pressing evenly between both feet. Hold for exhale.
  • Inhale extend left hand to floor in Extended Side Angle.  Stay there and breathe or straighten left leg to Triangle.
  • Exhale plant right hand on floor, slide foot back to plank and lower down.
  • Inhale up to Cobra or Up Dog.
  • Exhale lift back to Down Dog. Repeat on Other Side.
  • Right leg lunge to Warrior II
  • Side Angel to Triangle
  • Plank to Cobra or Up Dog
  • Down Dog to Forward Fold
  • Half Lift to Mountain
  • Salutation Seal with hands at Heart!
  • Namaste!

Tips to keep from face planting:  Squeeze everything in to the mid-line. Squeeze the belly into the spine, the biceps in toward the ears, and the inner thighs up and in.  Squeeze and breathe.

As always, please listen to your body and know your limits.  If any pose causes pain slowly come out and rest.  Try this fast, one pose with one breath, for cardio, or try it slow, multiple breaths in each pose for strength.  Both are challenging in different ways.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below with how it worked out for you!


Jennie Carlson

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