You WILL Get there, wherever ‘There’ is!

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

I ran across this beautiful quote today:


I read it to my classes and clients and loved the parallel it holds for both yoga and life.


We all have goals poses in our practice.  We want to be flat in our splits, touch our foot to our head in king pigeon, or maybe even just be able to touch the floor in forward fold.  Goals are GREAT to have, however we are slave drivers and harsh critics of self and we tend to push, grind our teeth, furrow our brow, lean in and want to tackle that goal like a defensive linebacker.

If we take this advice…relax, breathe, and be patient…we’ll find that the goal pose will find us sooner.  As we move with breath our mind moves out of ‘flight or fight’ (aka the stress response) and instead tells the body, ‘It’s ok, you’re fine!’  You’ll find that you melt into the pose with ease and grace and it will feel more like a natural expression of your body than if you had forced, grunted, and manipulated yourself into the pose.


I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out how this ties in but let me sum it up for you…when you set a goal in your mind, and it’s something you REALLY want, breathe into it, believe it, then relax and be patient.  When you’re tense, stressed, and head bent on ‘come hell or high water’ attitude, achieving the goal will leave you depleted.  If you ALLOW it to become a natural expression of who you are you’ll feel energized and alive and ready for another goal.

So relax babe…good things are coming to you…just be patient and keep believing you’re worth it because you are!

The Light in me sees and honors the light in you.  When you are in that place in you, and I’m in that place in me, we are one!

Jennie Carlson

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