Unique Formula for Health, Happiness, and Success!

Hello Beautiful,

I have been a collector of quotes since Jr. High School.  Writing down and stashing away all the quotes I’ve run across in books, movies, talks and more.  I love how some people have the amazing ability to say SO much in only a couple of words, phrases or sentences.

I tend to talk, and philosophize, and expand, and explain, and reiterate the point I’m trying to get across.  I have a REALLY hard time when someone asks me, ‘In 3 words or less, describe (blank)!’ I freak out and can’t seem to do it because I want everyone to REALLY understand what I’m trying to say (or maybe I’m trying to figure that out myself  and I just tend to think better out loud)!  Either way…I’m inspired by those short, sweet, and powerful messages that speak volumes to my soul.


“Do what you feel in your heart to be right~ for you’ll be criticized anyway.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

At the end, and sometimes the beginning, of yoga class I read one of those quotes.  This quote is what I used all last week and it really seemed to strike me deep down to the core and helped me come to a sort of  ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment for myself.  As a seeker of truth, I’ve been searching for the reason I was ‘fat’ all my life.  (You can read that blog post here) When I came across this quote it dawned on me…

‘There is no ONE hard and fast formula for health, happiness, or success…it’s all as unique as we are!’

Duh!  It seems SO simple yet with us living in the middle of the technology and information age we can search ‘How to lose weight’ and in seconds have millions of books, videos, scientific proof that can help us achieve our goal.  When you start to look through them you’ll find most of the information contradicts one another.

One search will tell you to eat less carbs, one will say fat-free, one will tell you you need to workout high intensity and another will tell you to slow it down.  All of these theories have great proof backing up why it works and why the others don’t.  This can all be SUPER confusing and leave you wondering what really is the best or right way to lose weight.

We are all made of the same basic material.  Cells, tissues, organs, bones, however, we’re all so unique in our wants, goals, and desires.  Taking a little bit of time to do your due diligence and research some of the positive ways you can change, then stepping back, closing your eyes and connecting to that Higher-Self within you to ask…

“What’s true for me?”

Then living from that truth because no matter what choice you make, there will be someone, somewhere, that has scientific evidence, or opinion, or their own personal truth that differs from yours. Your pathway to happiness, health, and success will differ greatly from mine.  Mainly because you’re definition of happiness, health, and success are probably different than mine.

So lets all live in our truth, and stop judging others for living in theirs.  Recognize and allow differences of thought, it’s part of what makes this life so interesting!

May you find your own true formula for heath, happiness, and success!


Jennie Carlson

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