My Self-Love Promise!

Hello Beautifuls!

As I was writing Self-Love is NOT Selfish I had this thought to delete it all and go with ‘My Self-Love Story’. But instead of listening I decided to still post it (it’s full of good stuff) and go with my story separately. I’m writing this (and the other one started out this way) as part of this group called Soul Salon which is a group discussion around topics that are moving to our Soul. This months topic: Self-Love! I found it appropriate since it’s Feb’You’ary and the Month of Love to combine them. For a list of all the Soul Salon posts go Here!

So…on to my story. This month I’ve really been focusing on Self-Love and even did yummy yoga workshop on it to spread the word. Self-Love is something I promote heavily with all my clients and teach over and over and over again because I believe in it.

I grew up thinking I was AWESOME! My body was ROCK hard, I could do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I wanted, and I did them really well. Somewhere that all changed. I wasn’t so super awesome, I noticed parts of my body that weren’t as perfect as I thought and I lacked that extreme self-confidence. When exactly did all of this happen? I’m not entirely sure.

What I am sure of is the moment I realized that I was DONE hating myself. When I saw my self-hatred reflected back to me through my daughters eyes I was DONE! I KNEW I had to change, not only for myself but for my daughters. I made a vow to my God, myself, and my daughters that I love who I am, just as I am.

Now Self-Love is something that I practice daily and is just as important to me as my physical practice. This year at my workshop I wrote down a promise I made to myself. This promise I stated out loud to myself, the universe, and the beautiful angels who were at the workshop with me. I’m going to repeat it here so you can help hold me accountable.

I promise to show more love to myself everyday

by looking myself in the eyes and saying…

‘I love you, I forgive you, and thank you’

out loud!

When I catch myself looking in the mirror to check the fit of my clothes or if my make up is ok, I immediately straighten my back, look in my eyes, smile and gently say those words to myself. I can’t even tell you how amazing it feels. I can’t even explain the shift in my mood. All I can say is that I feel connected to myself and God again. I feel peaceful, joyful and empowered. I feel beautiful!

My practice isn’t perfect, I’m nowhere near where I was as a child. But I’m closer. I laugh at myself a little easier when I make mistakes. I forgive myself faster when I’m being hard on myself, and I accept that I’m my own kind of beautiful and that’s EXACTLY what God made me to be.

Dear Friends, May you take time to Love and Appreciate yourself. You will thank yourself for it!


Jennie Carlson


Small Business Saturday!

Hello Beautifuls!

Today is Black Friday and this is an event I don’t take part in. Not because I object to killer deals, but I’m not a huge fan of how huge crowds tend to bring out the nasty in a lot of people. I also REALLY enjoy my beauty rest! 🙂 Recently a new phenomenon has creeped up called Small Business Saturday. This is the Saturday after Black Friday and I LOVE the concept, not only because I’m a small business owner and I would love nothing more than to have people support me, but I love that it is something that enhances the community. Giving back to people instead of corporations is always a good thing.

So…in honor of Small Business Saturday I’m pricing all my Coaching Sessions at 10% off here. These sessions can be over the phone or live. The phone sessions you get to choose from Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, or even an Ask the Personal Trainer Session where you get to pick my brain about exercise/diet or I can evaluate and help set up goals and accountability for your physical body. The live sessions you can choose from Life Coaching, Personal Training, Nutrition or Yoga. You can also mix it up a lil by doing some phone, some live, some Nutrition, some Life Coaching. I’m here to help you with all you Mind/Body needs 🙂

New clients…first session is ALWAYS free. This way we can feel each other out and you can decide if I’m really fit to help you the way you need it. So if you buy a 3 pack, you really get 4 sessions! However…if after our first free call you decide I’m not the one for you…I’ll refund your money! I’m here to help, not scam you into something that doesn’t work. If I can’t help you, I won’t take your $, that’s just bad karma!

Go here to shop local (or just small biz) or copy and paste the link in your browser.

Happy Holidays!

Jennie Carlson

Take Care of You!

Hello Beautifuls!

This is my farewell note for a week…so don’t fret, I will be back!  I’m going on a glorious week-long vacay with just my Hubby!  Just a reminder…the Healthy Holiday Challenge early registration price ends tomorrow so go take advantage of $25 off!  Register here!

I do have a video for you that tells you to take care of yourself.  I know I’ve talked about this before…Be Good to You!  AND…It’s about LOVE!  I’m getting a lil ‘link-y’ today and a lil redundant…but HEY…I REALLY REALLY believe this stuff!


Jennie Carlson

About Me, The Body Image Builder!

Hello Beautiful You!

I know I’ve had this blog for a whole 2 weeks now (total baby, I know) but I thought that I should put a lil ditty up here that explains a lil bit about who I am.

Since I’m still super new at this I need all the help and support I can get.  Any comments, suggestions, or your heartfelt concerns are greatly appreciative!

For more info on my certifications check out my website under the About Us tab!


Jennie Carlson