Who I am

Hello Beautiful!

I am Jennie Carlson the Body Image Builder.  I help women feel loved from the inside out. I believe that when your heart and soul are happy and healthy, the rest of your body will follow.  With 10 plus years Yoga training and certification, 2 years Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching, along with my own personal survival of overcoming postpartum depression I can help you heal from the inside out.


 With proven strategies that, when put into practice, can help heal the holes that you have inside from life’s let downs. Author of 3 Secrets to Feel Great and Lose Weight Starting Today, and popular program 8 Steps to a Happier Healthier You ecourse complete with recipes, meditations, and exercises. Think of me as your personal cheerleader.

Praises include, “I just wanted to say a “big thank you” for teaching and sharing your talent with me!  It has really helped me be a nicer mom!  I’m less Stressed!” Lori

“I am so thankful to have you in my life~your spirit shines to feed those that have lost their luster, awakening inside what was always there.  I love you, thank you :-)”  Stacey

Let me help you learn to help yourself!  Love and Light to you! bib-redirect-printad

Jennie Carlson

Body Image Builder, annihilating that nasty inner critic for good, is a Farmington Utah based company that provides health and happiness coaching to busy moms.  Founded in 2011, Body Image Builder has consistently helped women let go of that Pinterest worthy perfectionism and comparison.  Body Image Builder is changing the way society views Moms.  For more information on Jennie Carlson the Body Image Builder, please call 801-712-0124 or email info@BodyImageBuilder.com

2 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Thanks for this, I finally got on your website and stumbled on this. I totally get the SAD…..so glad I watched this and tried it. Thanks, Jennie.

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